About Us

EduTrav Consulting (ETC) partners with schools, colleges, universities and leisure groups to provide real educational travel opportunities in a comfortable and affordable manner. Our mission is threefold: to help interested potential students to educate, explore and experience Western Cape South Africa: to help students process foreign admissions into South African universities and colleges ensuring they register for the National Benchmark Tests and to offer a Woman’s Travel Club to chill out .

Our Teacher Programme encourages schools to see the wonderful opportunities available for educationally sound school excursions to both regional, national and international destinations. We’ll ensure our groups are immersed in hands on learning in the areas of tourism, hospitality, sport, volunteerism, science, culture and art. Ask us how we can assist you with your education programme.

From pre-designed EduTrav Signature leisure tours to fully customized journeys, EduTrav Consulting can help you create the perfect adventure, always considering your safety and wellbeing.

At EduTrav Consulting, our travel goals are: Commitment to being partners in education with teachers of schools that offer us the opportunity to design itineraries for their next or first school tour and with individuals who want to experience the thrill of a popular destination and Customization to fulfill curriculum and travel objectives. We can put together brand new itineraries for your next cultural, culinary, sport or leisure trip. We link ALL our itineraries with an activity to enrich the lives of our customers. Ask us about our trip planner.

Our leisure tours are unforgettable. Join us for unique and unforgettable experiences.




Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is simple: “Travel is the only thing that makes you richer.” We believe that travel should be an integral part of a youth’s development. The best way to help students gain new perspectives and build skills for the future is through experiential learning. As a registered company, we partner with educators to create education programs that blend curriculum and experiential learning for students.


All payments due for applications and National Benchmark Tests are made directly to educational institutions – to our South African Universities from our company EduTrav Consulting.

Experience and Safety

Consultants are highly trained and have the necessary advice, guidance and experience, to help you reach your academic and travel goals and help you plan the year after grade twelve. Safety is our priority, we ensure that codes of conduct are strictly adhered to. We can also arrange travel insurance for your peace of mind.

Educational Impact

Our first commitment to you is that we’re an education travel consultancy. Experiential travel is how we bring the curriculum to life.

Dedicated support

We give you personalized support from the minute you contact us about going on a potential tour and walk beside you step by step until your tour is completed.

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