Workshop on a Bus

Specifically designed to boost personal and professional development of teachers in the Western Cape - EduTrav’s ‘Workshop on a Bus’ has been setting a new industry standard for educational tours. Fully endorsed by the South African Council for Educators (SACE), EduTrav’s Workshop on a Bus aims to bring the CAPS Curriculum to life in a fun and relevant way. Through custom-made, curriculum-focused educational tours we allow teachers to experience subjects taught in the classroom in real-life settings. Educational tours normally last between 8-9 hours and includes exciting and subject-specific Outdoor Excursions, Reading and Assessments as well as SWOT Analysis and Presentations. Since our educational tours are all SACE approved - teachers will also receive Continuous Professional Development points for attending our educational tours. At EduTrav we are passionate believers in the power of experiential learning. Through our close association with various specialist organisations and academic experts you are guaranteed a fun, adventure filled educational tour that will boost your personal knowledge and teaching skills. All our facilitators are trained teachers themselves and experts in their respective fields. Prices range from R950-R1150 per person and includes transport and lunch. Enquire about our full range of FET educational tours and enrich the lives of your teachers and students today

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